Manorism Reveal New Single “Sober”

Manorism Reveal New Single "Sober"

Melbourne indie/dream pop band Manorism have revealed their new single “Sober“.

Since its inception, Manorism have carved their place in Melbourne’s coveted underground scene with a number of singles and an EP under their belts. As a collective of first and second-generation immigrants, a shared story of self-discovery defines their songwriting with influences spanning from early 2000s punk to the 2010s indie rock new wave revival, ultimately making their music a diverse palette of sounds and emotions.

‘Sober’ encapsulates the bittersweet journey of a relationship’s end that’s a mixed bag of heartbreak and hope. Frontman Shantanu Joshi says:

“Sober is about the release of emotions, particularly how freeing it can be when gaining clarity in the aftermath of a difficult relationship. In the context of the song, sobriety is about waking up from an emotional whirlwind.”

Bursting with shimmering guitars wrapped in reverb, as well as laidback drums, ethereal synths, and the soothing vocals of frontman Shantanu, ‘Sober’ has emotions running high. At times feeling vibrant and hopeful, it is a reflection on the past as it embraces the future with open arms. The intense fusion of melancholy and euphoria is induced with layers of guitars and synths, creating a lush instrumental crescendo during the extended outro.

Get it here and take a listen below.

Photo credit: James Morris & Simon Farrelly