Marseille Unleash New Single/Video “Monkey In The Middle”

Marseille Unleash New Single/Video "Monkey In The Middle"

Derby rock n’ roll / indie rock / britpop band Marseille have unleashed their new single “Monkey In The Middle“ and its accompanying video.

The song features their upcoming sophomore EP ‘Monkey In The Middle‘, grab it here.

Monkey In The Middle has served as a staple in Marseille’s set for 2 years, swiftly becoming a fan favourite. The swagger of The Charlatans, The Music and The Stone Roses flirting with the absolute wall of sound from the 90’s Shoegaze scene to create an absolute stomper of a piece that will leave your mind blown.

Opening with the thunderous bassline and McCabe-esque squealing from Labram’s guitar, you know from the first 10 seconds that we’re in for a hell of a ride. The roaring wall of rhythm guitars supplied by multi-instrumentalist Lennon Hall come in like a full blown storm, all setting the scene for the effortlessly cool frontman Will Brown to take the stage with his signature snarl and rasp, almost Rob Harvey (The Music) esque.

The song grooves along until it sweeps you out of the moment by percussive excellence by Tom Spray and the swaggering drones coming from Joe Labram’s and Hall’s guitars.

Singer / songwriter Will Brown had this to say about the track:

Monkey in The Middle is one of the oldest tracks in our repertoire, but despite how many songs have been cut from our set, this one has always remained. A song written about feeling like a performing ‘Monkey’ just to line someone else’s pockets, greedy people wanting you to no longer be yourselves. Stay true to yourself or you’ll forget who you are.”

Watch/listen now.

Photo credit: Jason Bridges