Marseille Return With New Single/Video “This Dream of Mine”

Marseille Return With New Single/Video "This Dream of Mine"

Derby, UK rock n’ roll/indie rock/britpop band Marseille have returned with their new single “This Dream of Mine“, and its accompanying video.

The song, produced by James Singleton, is out now via Bubblebrain Records, and follows on from their single “Thinker”, released in March. Get it here.

This Dream of Mine really seeks to emphasise that ’90s Madchester influence, which has become synonymous with the Marseille sound.

The accompanying B-sides, these are all masterpieces in their own right. The happy-go-lucky love song that is “Brightest Star”, leads into the stunningly beautiful break up song “I Love You (So Much More)”, and the psychedelic madness of “Devil’s Gonna Get You”. All of these songs show what makes this band so special.

Commenting on the single, Marseille lead singer and songwriter, Will Brown says:

This Dream of Mine was the sort of song I’ve been wanting to bring to the band for a while, a high-energy, feel-good song yet keeping the jangle-pop sound intact and I believe the single does just that. I remember jamming out the song for the first time in rehearsal and having a smile that I just couldn’t hold back started beaming across my face, and if the single can do that for our listeners and fans then we will have succeeded.”

Watch/listen below.

Photo credit: Jonathan Buck