Media Giant Return With New Single/Video “Man Bites Dog”

Media Giant Return With New Single/Video "Man Bites Dog"
Media Giant “Man Bites Dog”

London art pop/alt band Media Giant have returned with their new single “Man Bites Dog“, and its accompanying video.

The infectious disco-driven jam is taken from their upcoming debut EP ‘Market Research‘, set to be release on April 7 through Brace Yourself Records. Get it here.

The new EP, written and produced by the trio, showcases the band’s playful experimentation, quirky insouciance and deft touch of consumerist satire all while never letting its eye off the hook-driven prize.

Their sound harks back to the golden age of new wave; drawing on funk, disco and punk elements, their music is reminiscent of BowieTalking Heads and The Rapture, all while creating a deeply unique, daring sound of their own that separates them from their peers. 

Man Bites Dog hones in on how capitalism dehumanises us, erodes our empathy and encourages us to compete against each other for monetary gain.

The band’s words:

At Media Giant, we’re always listening. Every day we receive countless demands from our rabid user-base for newer & better products. To that end, our team have been working overtime, foregoing sleep & basic hygiene to bring you Man Bites Dog.

It’s a punchy, industrial disco track, with a real satirical bite, & we have been assured by our product testers that it is dancefloor & headphone-ready, so press play without fear, & when it’s finished, play it again & again. It’s perfectly safe!

Watch/listen below.

It’s the follow up to last year’s single “Guilt/Shame“.

Market Research EP Tracklisting:

  1. Man Bites Dog
  2. Guilt/Shame
  3. Afraid of the Dark
  4. Strange Weather
  5. Son of a Son