Medium Unveil Music Video For “Life in Hell”

Medium Unveil Music Video For "Life in Hell"

Brooklyn, NY post punk/new wave band Medium have unveiled the video for their latest single “Life in Hell“.

The song is part of our current playlist and came out in May. Get it here.

Like many other Medium tracks, band leader Cotter recorded the single to a cassette tape which gives ‘Life in Hell’ an authentic and almost grainy sound that compliments the heavy guitar use within the song. This DIY process of recording music definitely pays off as the short but sweet track has a genuinely earnest feel due to its lo-fi nature, and feels as though it could have been pulled out of the golden era of psychedelic rock. 

Watch the video below.

Medium is Cotter Phinney (vox, guitar), Rocko Zevenbergen (drums), and Veska Naratama (bass).