Mellor Premiere New Single “Meet Me By The Ocean”

Mellor Premiere New Single "Meet Me By The Ocean"
Mellor “Meet Me By The Ocean”

Reading indie rock band Mellor have premiered their new single “Meet Me By The Ocean“.

The song is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Problematic Passions‘, which is set to be released on the 11th of November via Triple B Records. Pre-order our copy here.

Tragically hopeful, ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’ is Mellor’s spin on a rock ballad. Amped up on love, the band thrashes, sending tsunamis of fuzzy distortion to crash against the jagged edges of Gary Kingham’s confessional lyrics, exposing their gentler side without sacrificing a scrap of power.

Mellor gives us insight into the new single: “MMBTO is a tragic love story. It’s about a suicide pact, a couple who end their lives together peacefully before the world consumes them. In a world of war and global warming, it’s a sobering fantasy of walking into the ocean together, side by side. It’s a track that doesn’t quite follow our usual formula. It came together organically, stemming from Kris’s (lead guitar) pedalling riff and the ambient guitar line/vocal combination. We loved the sound and feel so we simply had to record it. It’s definitely a sound we’d experiment more with moving forward.”

Stream it below.