MELTS Announce New Album ‘Field Theory’, Stream “Figment”

MELTS Announce New Album 'Field Theory', Stream "Figment"

Dublin krautrock/psych band MELTS have announced the release of their second studio album ‘Field Theory‘. The record’s lead single “Figment” accompanies today’s announcement.

The 9-track record, produced by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox, will be out on April 12th via Fuzz Club. Pre-order your copy here.

According to the press, Field Theory is a collection of turbulent electronic psych-rock shaped by bulldozing motorik synth lines, densely layered guitars, primal percussion and the cavernous vocals of frontman Eoin Kenny. While their highly-praised 2022 debut ‘Maelstrom’ dealt with forces on a larger scale affecting a whole city, ‘Field Theory’ explores connections on a smaller, interpersonal scale.

The title takes the scientific term ‘Field Theory’, which describes how forces interact and influence particles around them, and applies it to the interactions between people, to the space between all of us, how people interact and affect others around them.

Expanding on the album’s themes, MELTS write:

“Like gravity we are drawn to and miss people and like light waves we love people and are loved. We live in orbits of each other, drawn by unseen forces. The album explores these forces, how we relate to each other, the people we live with and the people we live without. At the heart of Field Theory lies the realisation that we inhabit each other’s worlds as much as our own, through a field of wide-ranging forces, as important as the ones keeping the planets in place.”

Of the single, they say: “’Figment’ is about the relationship we have with the world around us, filtered through our own imagination, shaped and coloured by how the individual see’s the world. The difference between the concrete and imagined. The video for ‘Figment’ was shot by Irish filmmaker Andy Parkes and explores similar themes as the song – how the mind perceives the world subjectively based on key elements: time, emotion and distance from the person or event.”

Check out “Figment” below, followed by the album’s artwotk and tracklist.

MELTS ‘Field Theory’ Tracklist:

  1. Figment
  2. Waves Of Wonder
  3. Clouded
  4. WLDNG
  5. Shelter Of The Shade
  6. Main Sequence
  7. Altered
  8. The Never
  9. Softly Breathes

Photo credit: Sparkie McGuinness