MEMORIALS Unleash New Single “Tramps!”

MEMORIALS Unleash New Single "Tramps!"

Brighton, UK experimental/psych/noise rock duo MEMORIALS have unleashed their new single “Tramps!“.

MEMORIALS are Verity Susman (Electrelane’s frontwoman) and Matthew Simms (WireBetter CornersIt Hugs BackUUUU). Their music is a wide ranging combination of songs, psychedelic drones, free jazz freakouts and live tape looping.

Tramps!” is taken from the upcoming double album ‘Music For Film: Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb‘,  set to arrive on May 12th via The state51 Conspiracy. Pre-order it here.

Speaking about it, they say:

“Born out of the sound of a wonky Korg MS-10 synth and a repetitive bass riff, this song was written for the opening titles of the documentary film Tramps! We were inspired by the film’s celebration of art being made on the edge of society. The icing on the cake was mixing the recording to cassette tape, a method we then adopted across the whole of the album.”

Watch/listen below.

According to the press release, the albums are clearly influenced by the world of the films, but still sound like the duo at their best, combining beautiful songwriting with improvised freakouts, inhabiting a world of controlled chaos. On these two records they move convincingly from psychedelic drones to jangly guitar pop, from choral harmonies to experimental sound college.

The music we like and admire ranges from challenging to really tuneful, and we try to bring all that together in a way that sounds natural.