Metro Verlaine Release New Single/Video “Hooligan”

Metro Verlaine Release New Single/Video "Hooligan"

French post punk band Metro Verlaine have rreleased their new single “Hooligan” and its accompanying video.

The track is taken from their brand new album ‘Pop Sauvage‘ recorded with Charles Rowell (Crocodiles), out today, February 9 through Le Cèpe Records. Buy your copy here.

Crossing the city with heads held high and fists clenched, chanting love and freedom, Hooligan, the flagship track from Metro Verlaine’s new album, is an ode to women who bare their fangs. Viscerally post-punk, this song is the street, wild and boiling, a paving stone thrown in the face of an old world that is struggling to renew itself. Love is freedom therefore but not at any price: No I will not let anyone beat on my heart.

Watch/listen below.

Metro Verlaine “Hooligan”

Love at first sight, and then romanticism as a way of life, Metro Verlaine is above all a story of passion.
Founded in 2013, after a trip to London that left scars and a bad taste of loss in the back of your throat, the story of Metro Verlaine is that of a duo. Axel on guitar and Raphaëlle on vocals lock themselves in a small Ebroïcian apartment to work day and night. The compositions are refined and the minimalist drum machine becomes an asset for the duo. A lover of first wave post-punk and the wild CBGB’s scene, Metro Verlaine is gradually refining his musical identity.

Pop Sauvage Tracklist:

  1. Pop Sauvage
  2. Birthday Party
  3. Mustang
  4. Amour D’été
  5. Piscine
  6. Hooligan
  7. Garden Of Love
  8. Waterloo

Photo credit: Ella Herme