Metro Verlaine Return With New Single/Video “Birthday Party”

Metro Verlaine Return With New Single/Video "Birthday Party"

French post punk band Metro Verlaine have returned with their new single “Birthday Party“, and its accompanying video.

The song is out now through Le Cèpe Records and is the first taste of their third studio album (TBA), the follow-up to 2022’s record ‘Funeral Party‘. 

“Mosh and cry. Birthday Party celebrates loneliness and melancholy at 206 BPM. A cold, acid punk candy to be savored in the car, powerlessly contemplating the world’s collapse. More Frenchy than ever, Birthday Party bridges the gap between the cold 80’s and CBGB’s style of elegant punk. Dancing again, but dancing to the glory of losers, without worrying about tomorrow.”

Watch the Max Kastelyn-directed video below.

Metro Verlaine “Birthday Party”

Formed in 2013 after by Axel Desgrouas (guitarist/songwriter ) and Raphaëlle Fromage (singer), Metro Verlaine is a compelling outfit who deftly fuses the catchy melodies of Pop with the distinctive charm of Indie Pop. The duo have established themselves as a major force in the French music scene because to their distinctive sound and moving lyrics.

Their music strikes a deep chord with listeners, generating a variety of feelings with their passionate tone and heartfelt lyrics. Metro Verlaine’s mastery of the Pop genre is evident in their ability to create memorable melodies and appealing hooks.

They are big fans of post-punk and English pop bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, and PIL. In addition to indie rock bands like The Kills and Velvet Underground, they are influenced by American literature (Beat Generation writers) and French pop music.