Mint Julep Share New Single “Daydream”

Mint Julep Share New Single "Daydream"

US dream pop/electronic/synth wave duo Mint Julep (aka wife-and-husband Hollie and Keith Kenniff) have shared their new single “Daydream“.

Mint Julep explain: 

This song came together like a dream. Keith was rearranging his drums in the basement, and I asked if he would start a new song, even though we already have several MJ songs in mid-progress – some dating back as far as a few years ago (and that one that we somehow misplaced and can’t locate, even though it was almost done and which I still hope to recreate someday!!). 

Now, this never happens, except once in a blue moon, but the lyrics landed in my head all at once (the word ‘mapped’ being one I had read hours earlier in a rereading of Anne of the Island”.. funny where inspiration comes sometimes), and this was the first melody and lyrics I recorded, though I still continued, per usual, with options for Keith. 

The primary reason that several of our songs aren’t done is they are waiting on the lyrics/vocals and when I open them up, I’m waiting for that right lyric to appear that feels like it’s a natural continuation of the lyrics that came before. I want to complete them, but I don’t want to complete them with rushed lyrics or a melody that doesn’t seem right, so some songs take longer than others, no matter how frustrating it feels at times. 

Keith came home that night, listened to my takes, immediately knew which one went best, and voilà we had a new song.  That is, after lots of little tweaking, bc it wouldn’t be an MJ song without me saying, “do you think it’s done?” and Keith replying, “Almost there, just need to work a little more on it…”

Buy it here and take a listen below.