Minuit Machine Reveal New Single “Follower”

Minuit Machine Reveal New Single "Follower"

French dark electro wave duo Minuit Machine have revealed their new single “Follower“.

This is the first single of their forthcoming new album ‘24‘, due to be released in November 4th through Synth Religion. Pre-order it here.

Minuit Machine’s music is often described as disrupted, emotional, and terribly addictive. It will make you wanna dance your heart out to express all the rage, passion, and angst you have inside of you.

Take a listen below.

Minuit Machine “Follower” Lyrics:

You’re following
Some random communities
Who are faking it
Never making it

You are scrolling
Random images
Photoshopped bodies
Made-up memories

Your eyes just see
What they wanna see
You’re out of reality

You have this idea
Everyone is succeeding
Everyone’s so happy

Come on, talk to me
Tell me what is wrong with me
Come on, don’t lie to me
Everyone’s better than me
I’m just following
Cause I can never be
Who I wanted to be

You’re a follower
Sometimes you do it for hours
It shuts your brains off
It fills the void

You don’t pay attention
You’re in a conversation
And your mind slips out

You think of all these people
Who have it all
You become spiteful

It’s not you it’s them
They’re a problem
They’re YOUR problem