MNNQNS Release New Single “Shall We Get Started”

MNNQNS Release New Single "Shall We Get Started"
Photo by Theo Soyez

French indie rock/post punk/krautrock band MNNQNS have released their new single “Shall We Get Started“. 

The track is lifted from the extended version of their sophomore album ‘The Second Principle‘, set to arrive on April 21 via Yalta Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Commenting on the new release, the band said:

Here’s the extended version of our ‘The Second Principle’ album, exactly one year after its original release. This album has taken us to many different countries and we’re super glad for it!
We felt like adding some songs to this LP was the right way to close this chapter and open a new one.
Once again, the album starts off with a backwards version of something we’ve recorded before…we like to keep things connected, the music, the artwork…
I suppose we needed these tracks to question our songwriting again. What’s our sound? Do we even have one? Can you own anything in Art anyway?
Some of us have been through some tough shit these past few months and I believe creation cannot stay the same as you evolve into someone new.
So there it is, I guess this is our attempt at letting go of the past. Yeah. Intense. But sincere at last.

Take a listen to “Shall We Get Started” now.

MNNQNS “Shall We Get Started”


  1. Shall We Get Started
  2. Mainland Europe
  3. Crow Talk
  4. Counterfeit
  5. Providence
  6. A Means To No End