Molly Nilsson Airs New Single/Video “The Communist Party”

Molly Nilsson Airs New Single/Video "The Communist Party"

Swedish-born Berlin-based synth pop artist Molly Nilsson has aired her new single “The Communist Party“, and its accompanying visuals.

The track serves as the second taste of her upcoming album ‘Un-American Activities‘, which will be out on July 7 via Dark Skies Association / Night School. Pre-order your copy here.

While the album finds Nilsson experimenting, creating instinctive music on a first-thought-best-thought basis there are still “classic” Molly moments liberally spread throughout. 

The beat on The Communist Party, Nilsson’s deepest bow to House music, evokes the early 90s Rave pioneers, Belgian 80s music and Vogue-era Madonna. Here the lyrics are direct quotes from the McCarthy-era, anti-Communist pamphlet 100 Things You Should Know About Communism in the U.S.A. The Beauty Of The Duty does to pounding Electro what Nilsson’s last album Extreme did to Metal: subsume it into the Molly Nilsson aesthetic. It goes hard.

Watch the video below, created by Molly Nilsson and Txema Novelo (party footage).

Molly Nilsson “The Communist Party”

* Text prepared and published by Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., 1948

‘Un-American Activities’ Tracklist:
  1. Prologue – Proud Destiny
  2. Excalibur
  3. Palestine
  4. Jackboots Return
  5. Wetcheeks
  6. Naming Names
  7. Red Telephone
  8. The Communist Party
  9. The Beauty Of The Duty (Anxious Punk)
  10. Point Doom