Monochromatic Visions Share “Walkin’ With Jesus” (Spacemen 3 Cover)

Monochromatic Visions Share "Walkin' With Jesus" (Spacemen 3 Cover)

London shoegaze/neo-psych/post punk band Monochromatic Visions have shared their cover version of Spacemen 3 track “Walkin’ With Jesus“.

Spacemen 3 were an English neo-psychedelia space rock band, formed in 1982 in Rugby, Warwickshire, by Peter Kember and Jason Pierce, known respectively under their pseudonyms Sonic Boom and J Spaceman.

Their music is known for its brand of “trance-like neo-psychedelia” consisting of heavily distorted guitar, synthesizers, and minimal chord or tempo changes.

About “Walking With Jesus”

“Walking With Jesus” features on Spacemen 3 sophomore album ‘The Perfect Prescription’ (1987). The song finds singer Jason Pierce in conversation with the Son of God.

Jesus warns the vocalist that his drug-taking and debauchery will cost him in the afterlife, and after thinking about the advice, Pierce decides Heaven does sound like an attractive place. But there’s a dilemma: he doesn’t think he can get through the rest of his life without getting high, so he asks the Lord for forgiveness and carries on with his hedonistic lifestyle.

The video for the cover features footage from French film Les amants réguliers (2005).

Watch/listen below.

Monochromatic Visions “Walkin’ With Jesus”

Monochromatic Visions sophomore album ‘REFORM‘, came out in June. Grab it here if you haven’t already.