Monograms Drops New Single “Carry The Weight”

Monograms Drops New Single "Carry The Weight"

Brooklyn, NY nuke wave artist Monograms (aka multi-instrumentalist Ian Jacobs) has dropped his new single “Carry The Weight“.

The track is the second taste of his upcoming album ‘A Fine Commitment‘, due to be released June 16th via PaperCup Music. Pre-order your copy here.

A song about overcoming the intensity of the world when its relentless traffic becomes all too much, Ian Jacobs, AKA Monograms, explains:

“I wrote Carry The Weight at a time about a year ago when I was really just taking everything on. Everything in my life: My past, My future, My present. While also taking on my day-to-day: You’re tired, you’re wide awake, you’re horny, you’re lazy, you’re hungry, you’re full, you have money, you’re broke, you’re happy, you’re sad. Sometimes all that noise can be a bit too much of a buzz. Other days it’s totally fine.”

The lyrics are specifically about how I have no idea where that weight goes when it goes away, or if it really does go away? How we overcome things, or why some things we internalize while other times we decide to unpack s**t to others to quiet the noise. But I realize most of the time that weight is just based on my mood or my perspective, I think a lot of other people are probably like that too.”

With themes of architecture and morality, as well as plans of reconstruction and hopes for salvation rippling through its lyrics, “Carry The Weight” finds Monograms restarting from the ground up and assessing the tools with which to rebuild his life.

Stream it below.

A Fine Commitment Tracklist:

  1. Wink Void
  2. Say It Away
  3. Walk On Weather
  4. Hi Low
  5. Sim Pull
  6. Com Plex
  7. Carry the Weight
  8. Night Dress
  9. All the Time
  10. Collider
  11. The Moon Is Right
  12. Listen Up