More Ephemerol Unveil New Single “Glamour Victim”

More Ephemerol Unveil New Single "Glamour Victim"

Los Angeles synth wave/electronic duo More Ephemerol (aka from VR Sex and Tamara Sky) have unveiled their new single “Glamour Victim“.

Commenting on the track, Sea Fjerstad says:

The lyrics to “Glamour Victim” discuss the way that many of us are so deeply affected by glamour and beauty. Whether that’s in an inspiring or detrimental fashion, it is undoubtedly a powerful force which influences many of our actions and desires. I’ve had my own personal battles on the subject, but that’s a story for another time.”

There’s a lot of places to go beneath the umbrella of synth music, and we plan on keeping our toes dipped in a lot of different ponds,” says Fjerstad.

I was very happy with the composition in its demo form, but producer/engineer Matia Simovich really took it to the next level on the album version, especially with all the work he put into making the drum programming slam. The small touches that analogue wizard adds to things really shine through here – it’s impossible to ignore.”

Buy the track here and take a listen below.

More Ephemerol “Glamour Victim” Lyrics:

Seduce me, bruise me, execute me

Photographic memory replacing a plan
It’s wrong, wrong, wrong
They creep inside, where they will reside
I’m gone, gone, gone

Virility in, muscle out
Detained by my own remains
Virility in, muscle out
Detained by my own body

Their brilliant glow is all I know
Oh, it’s exhilarating, dreaming of a transformational

An image above all that’s dominating the calls
Subconscious control of the state
An image above all – superiority clear
The face of the cosmic core

Confined within a false construction
Cursed, condemned, ill-fated, invisible