Mystery Waitress Announce New LP ‘Bright Black Night’, Air “Nightbug”

Mystery Waitress Announce New LP 'Bright Black Night', Air "Nightbug"

Wellington indie rock/indie pop/soft rock band Mystery Waitress have announced the release of their second studio album, ‘Bright Black Night.’

The band have also shared the stunning first single “Nightbug“, a guitar rich but deceptively light offering, which possesses the perfect touch of weight and darkness — precisely when it’s most needed.

The new album comes four years after the band’s debut, Nest, and will be out on August 2nd via Flying Nun Records. Pre-order your copy here.

‘Bright Black Night’ is a natural progression and descent into dirtier riffs, new instrumentation and a more refined sound. The album moves through a whole range of moods and imagery, from heavy to sway-worthy, but never strays from being supple, tasteful and divine. Expect soaring, gritty guitars and ethereal vocals atop of steadfast grooves. 

As it stands in 2024, the band consists of songwriter and guitarist Tessa Dillon, Olivia Campion on drums, Xanthe Rook on bass guitar, and James Morgan on synths and guitar. Together, they craft a dynamic sound that transitions seamlessly from melancholic to fervent, and from gentle to abrasive alternative rock. Within their upcoming album, Bright Black Night, a distinctive and captivating middle ground is discovered, blending the gentle, exquisite songcraft of Tessa with the amplified vitality of the band.

Check out “Nightbug” below, followed by the alum’s artwork and tracklist.

Mystery Waitress’ “Bright Black Night” Tracklist:

  1. Bright Black Night
  2. Console
  3. Mountain
  4. Night Bug
  5. Pt 1. Hospital
  6. Pt 2. Tiger
  7. Surfer
  8. In A Shell

Photo Credit: Lewis Ferris