Nation of Language Reveal “Spare Me the Decision (Cutouts Remix)”

Nation of Language Reveal "Spare Me the Decision" (Cutouts Remix)

Brooklyn post punk/new wave/synth-pop outfit Nation Of Language have revealed the Cutouts remix of their track “Spare Me the Decision“.

The original song features on last year’s album Strange Disciple‘, out through via [PIAS].

Alex MacKay of Cutouts – also the bassist in Nation of Language – discussed the new remix, saying: 

“I knew pretty instantly “Spare Me the Decision” was the track I’d have the most fun trying to remix from Strange Disciple as it’s a personal favorite. However, my time management isn’t always the best so while I thought I’d have turned it in before we started touring last year, I ended up finishing the master in the lobby of our Barcelona hotel, just a few hours before our set at Primavera Festival. As a result, to me that day represents a beautiful duality, wearing two very different hats from the afternoon into the evening. In the daylight a focused (albeit jet-lagged) moment of solitude and creation. After sunset, an evening onstage performing in front of a jubilant congregation of Spanish fans, far more frenzied than I could have ever imagined when I woke up that morning.

As far as the song itself: I love the drum tracks Ian and Nick came up with, especially the slinky hi-hat pattern… and Ian is a true singer, so it’s an absolute joy working with his vocals. I preserved those parts but had a go at replacing almost everything else. I thought it’d be fun to stretch the length, and try different chords under the chorus melody every time it comes around. I also slowed it down a couple BPM. I like seeing how slow I can make songs without losing the groove. Sometimes there’s a second pocket in there, a little slower than you might expect…”

Take a listen below.

Nation of Language “Spare Me the Decision (Cutouts Remix)”

The band will then co-headline Field Day Festival before returning to Europe for All Points East, London and MEO Kalorama, Lisbon – tickets on sale for all dates HERE.

Nation of Language Upcoming Tour Dates

02 Mar – Bowery Ballroom, New York – SOLD OUT
03 Mar – Bowery Ballroom, New York – SOLD OUT
04 Mar – Bowery Ballroom, New York – SOLD OUT
30 May – Royale, Boston
31 May – Field Day, Northampton, MA
23 Aug – All Points East, London, UK
31 Aug – MEO Kalorama, Lisbon, PT

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez