New Age Healers Unleash “Don’t Let Me Go” Music Video

New Age Healers Unleash "Don't Let Me Go" Music Video

Seattle indie rock/alt/shoegaze/psych band New Age Healers have unleashed the video for “Don’t Let Me Go“.

Described by the band as “a bombastic tornado of shoegaze,” the track features on their album ‘Demolition Stories‘, released last month (September 8). Buy it here.

Speaking about it, songwriter Owen Murphy shares:

Every single song I write comes with imagined visuals and in the case of “Don’t Let Me Go,” it was rapid fire, strobed visuals built around the kick drum beat of the song, and once a friend shared photos from a recent show, I knew we had something to build upon. The song itself spotlights a new band, featuring new players and new sounds, besides bass player Allen Murray and I, we added female vocals (Liz Green) and keyboards (Farkhad Saidmuratov), and the pandemic led to changes at drums (Adam LeVasseur) and guitar with the addition of Jeramy Koepping, who shoegaze fans may recall from Seattle’s amazing Voyager One.

Lyrically a lament about our fracturing culture, this video is a visual representation of the past 3-years of confusion and chaos, mixed with love and hope, floating in distortion, reverb and harmonies. Headphones on!

Watch/listen below.

New Age Healers are: Owen Murphy (vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist), Jeramy Koepping (guitarist), Adam LeVasseur (drummer), Allen Murray (bassist), and Farkhad Saidmuratov (keyboardist) with additional vocals from Liz Green.

“Demolition Stories” 

“Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction” Pablo Picasso

Demolition Stories is an act of destruction in hope of creation. A band falling apart and coming together. Songs being flipped on their side, poked and prodded until something gorgeous emerges. We are first and foremost a shoegaze band with our feet firmly planted in front of ever-expanding pedal boards. We revel in reverb, distortion and layers of harmony. But there’s also a nod to the distorted rhythmic punk power of band favs like NoMeansNo and FACS, or the angular sounds of Slint and Jawbox. This is a band of music fans, trying to move the story forward. Some get it, some don’t. – New Age Healers