Noromakina Releases New Single “Liquido”

Noromakina Releases New Single "Liquido"

Colombian cold wave/post punk/synth wave project Noromakina (aka Mel Zb) has released his new single “Liquido“.

The song is out today (June 30) thorugh Cold Transmission Records and follows his track “Luna” released earlier this month. Get it here.

Unleash your inner zombie on the dancefloor with Liquido. This electrifying track will transport you to a dark scenario where lights and music collide. Let loose and dive yourself in the infectious beats.

Watch/listen below.

NOROMAKINA is an electronic solo project formed in Bogotá Colombia in 2019 by Juan Manuel A.k.a Mel Zb. The project’s main focus is on making darkwave, electro post-punk and synthwave looking for lo-fi sounds, and for this purpose he uses machines with classic and modern synthesizers, processed with dark and reverberant effects.