Nuxx Vomica Unveils New Single/Video “No Money”

Nuxx Vomica Unveils New Single/Video "No Money"

Brooklyn-based electronic/synthwave/techno artist Nuxx Vomica (aka Madeline Seely) has unveiled her new single “No Money” alongside an accompanying video.

The song b/w “Blind” is out now via Synthicide. Buy it here.

Rebellious and severe, No Money‘s kick is straight from the strobe-lit walls of a 90s rave as its speedy tempo propels her voice, which oozes of sexiness, into hysterics.

The b-side, “Blind,” is less vicious but maintains a mysterious darkness to it—with, of course, a 90s club edge. Nuxx’s airy vocal delivery shows that she is valiant in her evolution as an artist, refusing to confine herself to one genre.

Watch/listen below.

Nuxx Vomica “No Money”

Taking inspiration from EBM, 90’s techno, and Eurodance, Seely has made Nuxx Vomica into a grimy-yet-dancy addition to the New York scene.

Nuxx Vomica WEST COAST 2023 with The Mall

10/29 – Kansas City, MO at Farewell
10/31 – Denver, CO at 7th Circle
11/1 – Albuquerque, NM at Ren’s Den
11/2 – Phoenix, AZ at Palo Verde Lounge
11/4 – Los Angeles, CA at The Globe Theatre* no nuxx vomica
11/5 – Fremont, CA at Tamper Room
11/6 – Reno, NV at The Holland Project
11/8 – Portland, OR at The High Water Mark
11/9 – Olympia, WA at Mortuary
11/10 – Vancouver, BC at Black Lab
11/11 – Calgary, AB at Palomino
11/12 – Edmonton, AB at 99ten
11/13 – Spokane, WA at Berserk
11/15 – Salt Lake City, UT at The International
11/17 – Fort Collins, CO at The Coast
11/18 – Omaha, NE – at The Sydney

Photo credit: Allyson Piñon