Oh Well, Goodbye Reveal New Single “The Slow Advance”

Oh Well, Goodbye Reveal New Single "The Slow Advance"

Liverpool post-punk band Oh Well, Goodbye have revealed their new single ‘The Slow Advance‘.

Featuring two new songs “Woods” and “IDKY“, the single is out today (Feb 3). Get it here.

About Woods, the band explain: “Everything about it is great. Hooks, noise and emotion. Vocally and lyrically. Very emotive for me and I can almost taste the red wine listening back.”

“Unintentionally a song about experiences, and social comment of lockdown. For all the constant drama and widespread world sorrow, personal longings and issues can still bubble over the bigger picture of those years. Coming through and realising that…I guess is what it’s about. Something I think we’ll all be reflecting on over the next few years. Delivery was important.”

On IDKY, they say: “IDKY is a very different song for OWG, it’s nothing like we’ve done before. It’s a dark sleazy pop song. A direction I’d love us to explore some more. The drums are real but made to feel and sound like a drum machine.”

“Lyrically it’s a bit bizarre. If I had to describe it in a nutshell, it’s basically about being a bit of shit Dr. Who type of character. More seriously, given the opportunity to go back in time and altering a life changing event only to go and mess this up a little more. And doing it on repeat.”

Stream both tracks below.