Orbital & Sleaford Mods Unveil New Single/Video “Dirty Rat”

Orbital & Sleaford Mods Unveil New Single/Video "Dirty Rat"

UK seminal electronic duo Orbital and Nottingham indie rock/punk duo Sleaford Mods (aka Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn) have unveiled the video for their new collaborative single “Dirty Rat“.

The song is taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Optical Delusion’, which will be released on February 17th, matching their cutting edge production to a number of guests. Pre-order your copy here.

Lead single ‘Dirty Rat’ is a case in point – beginning as a remix swap, it’s a full-blown collaboration with sleaford mods.

“This track is a giant capital letter,” explains Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll. “Like in the Book of Kells, where the very first letter always gets the big treatment from the monk when he’s doing his illustrated borders. It’s got that old school dance music vibe with bits of Cabaret Voltaire in there, even bits of The Shamen. It’s a little bit punk rock, nice and loud. A really refreshing, ‘wake up’ kind of track. And Jason is just brilliant!”

“I guess it’s about telling people to take responsibility for their own actions,” adds Phil Hartnoll. “You know, all these politicians don’t come from out of nowhere. Somebody keeps voting them in. So who might that be…?”

Watch/listen below.

Orbital & Sleaford Mods “Dirty Rat”