Orchid Mantis Releases New Single “How Long Will It Take”

Orchid Mantis Releases New Single "How Long Will It Take"

Atlanta, GA indie pop/dream pop artist Orchid Mantis (aka Thomas Howard) has released his new single “How Long Will It Take“.

The song features on his upcoming seventh full length ‘How Long Will It Take‘, set to arrive on November 11 via Spirit Goth Records. Get it here.

How Long Will It Take is primarily about the reality of loss as well as the often lengthy and painful process of letting go. And yet, just like his past discography – most recently, the gorgeous Visitations, there’s still an essence of hope despite the deep wistfulness; throughout, Howard’s vocals, bright and focused, seem to evoke a beam of light piercing through a dense fog.

Take a listen below.

Orchid Mantis is the project of Atlanta-based artist Thomas Howard. Since the project’s start in 2014, Howard’s now signature lo-fi sound has gracefully inhabited the space that separates ambient compositional structures and pop songwriting, frequently utilizing obscure samples and unique recording techniques; overall, his sound evokes the coveted nostalgia like that of old photographs and precious, irreplaceable mementos. Howard thoughtfully carves space for narratives detailing – as it says in his bandcamp bio – songs about “forgetting;” in other words, he brilliantly explores the elusive, fleeting natures of memory, time, and place, resulting in immensely earnest works that often feel blissfully surreal in the way they attempt to encapsulate not only abstract emotions, but the way in which these emotions have the tendency to overlap.