Orion Unveils New Single “The Clon”

Orion Unveils New Single "The Clon"

Providence, RI cybernetic noir + animation artist Orion has unveiled her new single “The Clon“.

The song, written and produced by Orion, John-Paul and Johnny Jewel, serves as the title track of her upcoming album, out soon via Italians Do It Better. Buy it here.

Take a listen below.

Orion “The Clon”

Inspired by Cyberpunk & Giallo films, Orion explores her love of analog synthesis & Italo Disco through the lens of a Dystopian Fantasia. She has established a recognizable name in the business because to her distinctive sound, which combines dance with elements of electronic music. Distinguished by throbbing beats, appealing melodies, and complex soundscapes, her music is proof of the impact of electronic music and its capacity to engage listeners more deeply.