Other-ed Reveals New Single “It’s All Around”

Other-ed Reveals New Single "It's All Around"

French synthpop/electronic/darkwave/synthpunk artist Other-ed (aka Laurent Chopard from Vague Scare/Golem Dance Cult) has revealed his new single “It’s All Around“.

The song is out now, grab it here and take a listen below.

Other-ed’s first digital EP ‘Disruptive Synthetic’ came out in January 2020 His Full-lenght album ‘Sentient’ LP, released in March 2021, was recorded at home in France during the Covid 19 pandemic, featuring 10 synthpop songs with touches of darkwave and industrial exploring the complexity of the relationships between humans and animals.

The following single “No Gods No Masters But Glitter” was released in August 2022 followed by “It’s All Around”on July 27th 2023.

Other-ed “It’s All Around” Lyrics:

On the street
At the bus stop
and I see it
I don’t want to
On the walls
On my TV
Can’t believe it
and I hate it
It’s all around
It’s all around us
On the menu
At the restaurant
I can read it
It’s everywhere
It’s all around
It’s all around us
At your friends
At the party
Oh no
I can’t change it