Other Voices Premiere New Single “Night Find Shelter”

Other Voices Premiere New Single "Night Find Shelter"

Italian darkwave/post punk/synthwave Other Voices have premiered their new single “Night Find Shelter“.

The song is taken from their upcoming new album ‘Under Control‘, set to be released on October 28 via SwissDarkNights. Pre-order it here.

Take a listen below.

The band “OTHER VOICES” was born in the late 90s playing a repertoire based on the classics of darkwave and performing in the region of Calabria. They have since started shape and structure their own first productions.

Under Control Tracklist:

  1. Machine Effect
  2. After Midnight
  3. Retrospective
  4. Old Dogs
    5.The Buds Of Deceit
  5. Night Find Shelter
  6. Life Row
  7. …But A Chill Runs Along Your Spine…
  8. Hamelin
  9. The River Styx
  10. Under Control