Paradise Blossom Reveal New Single “forever, with you”

Paradise Blossom Reveal New Single "forever, with you"

Fresno, CA dream pop/jangle pop duo Paradise Blossom (made of Thanh Nguyen and Steven Salazar) have shared their new single “forever, with you“.

The song is out now and follows last year’s single “wherever you are“. Get it here.

Commenting on the track, they say:

“We worked on this song for about 8 months. Originally, we wanted to finish it back in 2022, but we never figured out what was missing from the song. It was supposed to sound like something new, but we had the feeling that it wasn’t the right direction, so instead we took influence from our older songs that we made years ago and slowly this song came together, as said before it’s a love letter to our past selves. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. Forever wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Take a listen below.