Paresse Reveals “Meat Robots (Curses Remix)”

Swedish producer Ivan Berggren, aka Paresse, has revealed the Curses Remix of his latest single “Meat Robots“.

The remix features on his upcoming release “Meat Robots”, set to arrive on March 3 via Eskimo Recordings. Get it here.

According to the press release, the track was inspired by Berggren’s wrestling with the age-old question of just what we are, simply biological machines running on electrical impulses and chemical reactions, or vessels filled with some ineffable spirit.

Berlin-based Curses, kicks things off with the kind of martial beat, metallic DX7 bass and proto-rave industrial stabs that could have happily graced any number of Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb tracks. Renowned for his DJ sets mixing together a heady, strobe lit mix of New Beat, Italo, EBM and Dark Disco, Curses has pulled all his influences together on this mix to deliver a track ruthlessly focused on the dancefloor.

Stream it below.