Patio Return With New Single “En Plein Air”

Patio Return With New Single "En Plein Air"

New York-based post punk band Patio have returned with their new single “En Plein Air“, their first new music in four years.

The track, produced by Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos, is out now via Fire Talk and follows on from the 2019 release of their debut album Essentials. Grab it here.

“En Plein Air” (meaning “in the open air,” the process of painting outdoors) shows Patio at their most liberated and collaborative, creating their own good time at a moment when New York was anything but. Crafted in the spring of 2021, the song saw several different iterations until an idea to channel the ecstatic emotions of disco (Donna Summer, The Bee Gees) helped it reach its final form.

According to the band, “En Plein Air” describes “winning a fight, for once, but by proxy — finding the right thing to say, but five years too late.” Vulnerable yet savage, the song is both a playful wink and a decisive confrontation, with McCloy’s luminous guitar floating in, out, and around the deconstructed disco grooves of DiBlasi and Alice Suh.

Take a listen below.

Patio is bassist/vocalist Loren DiBlasi, guitarist/vocalist Lindsey-Paige, and drummer Alice Suh, now split between New York, LA, and Berlin.