PC World Reveal New Single “At Heaven’s Gate”

PC World Reveal New Single "At Heaven's Gate"

Anglo-Australian EBM/synth-punk duo PC World have revealed their new single “At Heaven’s Gate“.

The track features on their new EP Infinite Dream Weapon, set to arrive on October 6 via DKA Records. Pre-order it here.

Following up from 2021’s Order, Infinite Dream Weapon, is a 3-track glimpse of purpose and a sonic flag-planting PSYOP. Guiding the masses to anticipate next year’s full length LP, these tracks have been chosen to put the listener in the crosshairs.

At Heaven’s Gate jump-starts the dream at its logical endpoint, leaving the bystander lifeless. Inspired by our Industrial forefathers with its throbbing basslines and strident Keith LeBlanc-esque drums, At Heaven’s Gate seizes you into the locked-door communities feared throughout the days of Satanic Panic, poisoning the fantasies of the domesticated mind.

Take a listen below.

PC World “At Heaven’s Gate”

With the Infinite Dream Weapon, we open a new force to ionize the air in one more bastardized direction. It is only in the consumption of this sonic parasite that the fantasy truly lives on as we make the approach toward tomorrow’s dream. Now, weapon in hand and back against the wall, the vision lodged in your cerebral fantasy, ask yourself “do you believe?”. 

Infinite Dream Weapon Tracklist:

  1. At Heaven’s Gate
  2. Infinite Dream Weapon
  3. Doublevision
  4. At Heaven’s Gate (MVTANT Remix) Digital Only