Peacock Method – Band of the Month (March)

Peacock Method - Band of the Month (March)

This month’s featured band is Manchester post punk/indie disco/pop band Peacock Method.

The band formed during the UK’s lockdown from the ashes of two well-regarded bands – musicians Rich, Lucas and Adam come bearing not only a fresh outlook, but some flashy new beats too.

Their catchy debut single “I Don’t Mind” came out in May 2021, drawing early comparisons to the likes of Ian Dury & The Blockheads and Talking Heads. As the band said, it’s “an emotive electronic anthem that came from the desire for escapism, a blasé attitude towards partying, and inhibition and anxiety on a night out.”

Their second single ‘Slowly’, released in June last year, was described by the band as illustrating “an indifferent approach to casual sex and a tongue in cheek comment on the sensations of a one night stand. Its about living life too quickly and switching up presumptive roles of genders in the bedroom.”

A fitting subject matter for a band to whom gendered aesthetics mean very little, yet it’s also a frenetic and funk-driven track that proves exactly as to why the band are such an exciting prospect amidst a sea of parker-sporting mediocrity. 

Their next release “Your Faith” was released just in time for Halloween and is “a love letter to all things goth and horror”.

The band’s recent single “Love is Blue” is the band’s most ambitious offering to date; an exploration in dynamics that shows exactly what they’re capable of.

Peacock Method are: Lucas Berry (bass/guitar), Adam Kenny (Vocals/keys), Richard Newton (guitar/backing vocals), and Chris Storer (drums).