Pip Blom Share “Kiss Me By The Candlelight” Ft. Personal Trainer

Pip Blom Share "Kiss Me By The Candlelight" Ft. Personal Trainer

Amsterdam indie pop/indie rock band Pip Blom have shared “Kiss Me By The Candlelight”, the latest track lifted from their forthcoming third album, Bobbie.

Blom’s partner and vocalist of fellow Dutch indie band Personal Trainer, Willem Smit, joins her on the duet, a song lifted from an unreleased project from the pair that recalls Metronomy in its minimal, funky disco pop. Talking about it, Pip said:

Long before Willem and I started seeing each other we had written a song together. We were 16 and barely knew one another. It was uncomfortable and we were both really shy. but I’ve always really really liked the track. Over the years we’ve been writing stuff on and off. It wasn’t always easy cause both have very different ways of working and aren’t really used to writing with someone else, but we’ve managed to write some of my favorite songs together.

It’s funny how there are always parts in the tracks that we’ve made together that are written for the other person. Melodies, sounds or rhythms, you know what the other person likes, and want them to like what you write. So when Dave asked me if I’d ever thought about writing a track with Willem I didn’t have to think long. “Kiss Me By the Candlelight” was a song we had written not that long ago. It was a perfect fit for the album. It’s danceable, a bit quirky, and a perfect blend of the two of us.

Pre-order Bobby here and watch a lyric video for “Kiss Me By The Candlelight“, below.

Pip Blom “Kiss Me By The Candlelight”

As well as a musical eureka moment, Bobbie is also a lyrical evolution for Blom. “I always find lyrics difficult because I’m not a native speaker,” she says. “I find it hard to spend time on them because it feels a bit forced.” For the new album, she wrote what she calls ‘guide books’ of the general themes and ideas wanting to be tackled, before teaming up with McCracken to sculpt them into songs.

Pip Blom ‘Bobbie’ Tracklist:

  1. Not Tonight
  2. Tiger
  3. Red
  4. Kiss Me By Candlelight
  5. I Can Be Your Man
  6. Where’d You Get My Number
  7. Brand New Car
  8. Is This Love?
  9. Fantasies
  10. Again
  11. Get Back
  12. 7 Weeks