Police des Moeurs Announce New EP ‘Sauvetage’

Police des Moeurs Announce New EP 'Sauvetage'

Montréal electronic/minimal synth/darkwave duo Police Des Moeurs (made up of Francis Dugas and Manuelle Gauthier) have announced the release of their new EP ‘Sauvetage‘.

Featuring 4 addictive tracks, Sauvetage will be out on September 18 through Rotterdam label Electronic Emergencies. Pre-order your copy here.

Police des Moeurs deliver dark electronic turmoil on Sauvetage. With four tracks full of gloomy soundscapes, gritty synths and beats leaning to hardcore, the duo show an uncompromising side of their character.

Francophone lyrics are sparsely floating along, commanding at one time and velvety at the other.
Sauvetage is pressed on solid gold vinyl and comes in haunting artwork that fits the mood perfectly.

Stream an EP preview below.

Sauvetage Tracklist:

  1. Faillite
  2. Repli
  3. Sauvetage RMX
  4. Sauvetage