Pony Girl Share New Single “I Believe In Nothing”

Pony Girl Share New Single "I Believe In Nothing"

Canadian art pop/art rock/indie band Pony Girl have shared their new single “I Believe In Nothing” alongside an accompanying video.

The track is the second single from their upcoming album ‘Laff It Off‘, which will hit the stores on October 27 via Paper Bag Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Laff It Off casts the warm light of golden hour onto their art pop, guiding characters who are floating towards hope. It urges you to let go, a playful departure from the shade of its sister album Enny One Wil Love You (2022). Pony Girl is a kaleidoscope of pop unlike any other, turning everyday life into mesmerizing melodies, rock and electronic production. 

“I Believe In Nothing” releases us from darkness with careening guitars, distortion, and pure freedom.  

Speaking about it, they say: “In terms of the approach we took to recording ‘I Believe In Nothing,’ this track is a total outlier. We arranged it late at night in the studio, agreed to a loose structure, and improvised the rest. The song was recorded in one take… It was a loud repetitive meditation for us. We wanted to get lost in the pressure of sound, the cyclical bass line, the crushed drums, and spazzy guitar riffs. “I Believe In Nothing” was our mantra. The complete studio take is actually several minutes longer. So the only edit made was deciding where to end the track on our LP.”

Watch/listen below.

Pony Girl “I Believe In Nothing”

Laff It Off Tracklist:

  1. Laff It Off
  2. Highways
  3. Never Again
  4. I Believe In Nothing
  5. Come Good
  6. Laura
  7. I Am Water
  8. Wannabe
  9. Greater Than Good