Profit Prison Reveals “Dreamer” (Tiny Vipers cover)

Profit Prison Reveals "Dreamer" (Tiny Vipers cover)

Seattle post punk/synthpop/electronic artist Profit Prison has revealed his cover of Tiny Vipers song “Dreamer“.

The original song was written and performed by Tiny Vipers (Jesy Fortino) and released on her 2009 LP “Life On Earth”.

Get the cover here and have a listen below.

“Dreamer” Lyrics:

Outside my head I cast a shadow
I’m not someone who’s seen this side of me
But it drifts across the ground, so down I look
And I can spend my time wondering who I was, and I can count the times that I had lost or won
And I can turn towards you and ask you what you saw
Oh, but what do these feelings mean?

Come meet me on this path of wonder
Take my hand, I’d like to share with you
What can we learn when we can’t understand
And we can spend our time wondering what could be
And we can ask of God to show us where we stand, and you can follow me back to where we met
Oh, but what have you been dreaming of?

And I’m gonna live, but I’m living far away
And I’m gonna die, I’m dying for a way out
I’m dying for a way out
I’m dying for a way out