Provoker Share New Single/Video “It’s In My Head”

Provoker Share New Single/Video "It's In My Head"

Los Angeles post punk band Provoker have shared their new single “It’s In My Head” alongside an accompanying video.

The song features on their sophomore album ‘Demon Compass‘, due to be released on October 13th via YEAR0001 Records, we have previously heard “Valley Ghoul”. Grab it here.

Provoker pairs post-punk aesthetics with a decidedly contemporary approach to pop-adjacent songwriting, creating something that’s equal parts addictive and melancholic.

Watch the Olle Knutson-directed video below.

Provoker “It’s In My Head” Lyrics:

I’m in trouble now.
Had a feeling when I left that night
You know how it go. Water filling up my eyes
I know, I know somethings wrong. Got me feeling off.
I know I’m on your mind

In a rush, no need
Only to breach reality
No love for me
How can it break so easily
It’s in my head, it’s in my head, oh no it’s in my head
It’s in my head, I know

Wanna make you mine
Maybe in a parallel you would take my love
Jump in hyperspace
Not a real good sign in my bed at night
Just to lie awake, I know you don’t really care when you’re on my time
You don’t give a fuck
Nevermind if I’m on your mind

Repeat (1)

I been up so long, I been up so long
I been up so long That I feel good down
It’s in my head, It’s in my head oh no It’s in my head
It’s in my head I know