Psymon Spine Air New Single/Video “Bored of Guitar”

Psymon Spine Air New Single/Video "Bored of Guitar"

Brooklyn psych pop/indie band Psymon Spine have aired their new singleBored of Guitar, alongside an accompanying video.

The track is the third taste of their upcoming third studio album ‘Head Body Connector‘, due to be released on February 23. Pre-order your copy here.

Psymon Spine are Noah Prebish, Peter Spears, and Brother Michael Rudinski. Head Body Connector is a record that relishes in the heady, the psychedelic, the abstraction of temporality as we know it. It’s the result of a band obsessed with production and it’s also a record that more so than any other Psymon release is interested in explicitly sounding live. It’s a guitar-forward album. 

Of the single, they shared:

Like many of our songs, it started as two separate ideas that Peter, Michael, and I (Noah) smashed into one and then expanded upon. The lyrics came to me piecemeal inspired by conversations I had been having with Michael about the kind of guitar-centric dude rock bands we were getting tired of seeing. The underlying fear for me, of course, was that we were one of those bands. Nothing disgusts a person like seeing in others what bothers them about themselves. The song is an amped-up meditation on (amongst other things) self-criticism, priorities shifting around, and the hilarious, painful, beautiful, humiliating, exhilarating experience of being in a band.”

It’s also about me working on my relationship with my younger self, the one who set most of my current life experiences into motion long ago. I love him and we’ve both got notes for each other.

Watch the Max Mainwood-directed video below.

Psymon Spine “Bored of Guitar”
Head Body Connector Tracklist:
  1. Boys
  2. Wizard Acid
  3. Be the Worm
  4. Antimatter Kid
  5. Bored of Guitar
  6. Ketamine Hot Tub
  7. So Far Away
  8. A Day is a Long Time
  9. Chip the Monk
  10. The Kanks

Photo by Nat Leonard and Rachel Cabitt