Public Circuit Air New Single/Video “Kiss My Face”

Public Circuit Air New Single/Video "Kiss My Face"

Brooklyn post punk/new wave/synthpunk band Public Circuit have aired their new single “Kiss My Face” via a music video.

The track is the second taste of their upcoming debut album ‘Lamb‘, which will be out on March 8th via A La Carte Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Impulsive movements and shouts encapsulate Public Circuit, as if they are chasing you down and demanding you take part in their religious performance. Marrying the late 70’s minimal synth-punk ethos of Nervous Gender and Units with the new wave romanticism of New Order and Depeche Mode, Public Circuit carves their niche in the bedrock foundation that minimal synth was built upon.

Sharp like a blade, the new wave opus cleverly intertwines harrowing synths and haunting pseudo-religious symbolism, invoking imagery that questions the consequences of blind adherence, and pleading the listener join in on a holy quest for the beyond.

Watch/listen now.

Public Circuit “Kiss My Face”

The band have also shared the video for their previously unveiled single “Caustic Cross”, shot and directed by Nara Avakian. Check out below.

Public Circuit ‘Lamb’ Tracklist:

  1. Caustic Cross
  2. I’m The Man
  3. Kiss My Face
  4. Soft Like Sugar
  5. Heaven Waits
  6. You Are Nothing
  7. Bondage
  8. Reach For The Knife