Pulsations Announce Debut Album ‘Tainted Covenant’

Pulsations Announces Debut Album 'Tainted Covenant'

Copenhagen-based post-punk/darkwave project PULSATIONS (led by producer/musician Hadrian Esteves), have announced the release of their highly-anticipated debut album ‘Tainted Covenant‘.

The 10-track album will be out on April 7 through Swiss Dark Nights. Pre-order your copy here.

Drawing on the success of their critically acclaimed singles, this ten-track collection of pure post-punk indulgence delves into poignant and thought-provoking themes such as our Faustian bargain with technology, oppression, inequitable resource distribution, and the perils of religious dogma.

With captivating guitar riffs, dense bass lines, and ethereal synth layering, ‘Tainted Covenant’ thoroughly impresses with its haunting-yet-danceable sound, a testament to Pulsations’ unique style and creative depth.

Check out new songs “Dopamine Sensitisation” and “Delusional Paragon“, alongside the album’s tracklist and cover art, below.

Tainted Covenant Tracklist:

  1. Dopamine Sensitisation
  2. Reckless Son
  3. Delusional Paragon
  4. Neglected Synapses
  5. Technophilic Hubris
  6. The Theory Of Turbolence
  7. The Hedonic Paradox
  8. A New Hellenism
  9. Nontheistic Mysticism
  10. Dominion