Pyrame Reveals New Single “Senses High”

Pyrame Reveals New Single "Senses High"

Berlin-based DJ/producer Pyrame has revealed his new single “Senses High“.

The song serves as the title track of the traveller and cosmic poet’s upcoming EP ‘Senses High‘, set to arrive on September 22 via his own imprint Thisbe Recordings. Pre-order it here.

In his 2 -track EP, including “Senses High” and “Stranger Than Me”, Pyrame tells a story as long as the history of mankind, a story of desire, sensuality and mutual attraction. His music fully embraces his electro, new wave – and even rock, through its provocative nature – influences.

The EP, composed and produced by the Lausanne-born musician and lyricist at the end of the pandemic, is full of sweaty dark suspense, floaty melodies, gritty texture, and grooving baselines that will keep you locked and latched in a trance.

With touches of dreamy lyrics and dazed strings, this EP will bring you to a new found sense of desire, sensuality and mutual attraction on the dance floor. It also features best-in-class remixes by Andrew Claristidge, La Mverte, Theus Mago and Semodi.

Take a listen below.

Pyrame has previously shared “Stranger Than Me”.


  1. Senses High
  2. Stranger Than Me
  3. Pyrame, Andrew Claristidge – Senses High – Andrew Claristidge Remix
  4. Pyrame, La Mverte – Senses High – La Mverte Dubious Remix
  5. Pyrame, Theus Mago – Stranger Than Me – Theus Mago Remix
  6. Pyrame, Semodi – Stranger Than Me – Semodi Remix