Real Lies Air New Single “Valentine”

Real Lies Air New Single "Valentine"

London bedroom pop/electronic duo Real Lies have aired their new single “Valentine“.

The song is on Year0001’s new RIFT Two compilation, along with other tracks by artists like Nation, Mechatok, CLIP, Thaiboy Digital, Kamixlo, Oliver Coates and the mighty Dark0.

Speaking about it, the duo explains: “RL is – and always will be – for the lovers. But then you always knew that. Today, our brand new song ‘Valentine’ is streaming everywhere. We wrote it in nine days in late December. This is what Kev had to say about it:

The song is about the first rushes of a new crush and how it makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day. Obsessive text message chats that read like love letters. It’s about how you can play around with different versions of yourself in those fluid early stages, the two of you trying out different roles and characters on each other. It’s also a sort of love letter to the phone-as-Cupid… ‘my hands on you…’

Buy it here and take a listen below.

Real Lies “Valentine”

Real Lies are Kevin Lee Kharas and Patrick King, who live late at night in London. Their latest album Lad Ash, came out in April last year.