Redder Moon Announce New LP ‘She Was Certainly Bit By Something’

Redder Moon Announce New LP 'She Was Certainly Bit By Something'

Kansas City post punk/shoegaze/synthwave/electronic trio Redder Moon have announced the release of their new studio album ‘She Was Certainly Bit By Something‘.

The follow-up to 2021’s record Hell is Other People, will be out on October 13. Pre-order your copy here.

Redder Moon is Jeremiah James Gonzales (guitar/bass/synthesizers/drums), Brody Lowe (synthesizers/drum machines), and Jill McKeever (vocals/violin). Their collection of music explores everything from synth pop-shoegaze to darkwave indie sounds with dance undertones.

Analog synths, dark dance beats, dreamy guitars, and soft vocal melodies evade time and move between genres. The moon becomes redder on the lunar eclipse and we are just here to capture that as a soundtrack.

Check out the album’s tracklist and listen to lead single “No One Lives Forever“, below.

‘She Was Certainly Bit By Something’ Tracklist:

  1. No One Lives Forever
  2. The Illusion
  3. LaMDA
  4. Night Owl
  5. Arborist
  6. Llarredda
  7. The Eviction
  8. Stop Coming Over
  9. Channeling
About Redder Moon:

Redder Moon began as one of Jeremiah James Gonzales’ many music projects. A more electronic and obscure sound than much of his other work (including Knife Crime, Be/Non, Rhunes, Elevator Division, Umberto), the sentiment of a melodic post-apocalypse slowly developed for the first seven years, also involving past members Matthew Naquin (original collaborator) Nick Banister (drums) and Jon VanSickle (live drums)

Brody Lowe moved to Kansas City from Portland, in 2019 met Jeremiah and quickly found his place in reviving the layered synths and dance undertones of the moody, mostly instrumental music. Lowe is a quiet presence behind a large scope of music videos, album art, and other creative content, his music ranging from video game scores and band collaborations to his solo project, Loqsa. 

Just as Gonzales and Lowe began collaborating on new material ranging from darkwave to shoegaze to synthpop genres, Jill McKeever joined as a vocalist/lyricist during the uncertain year of 2020. A violinist in her early music projects led her to a degree in Electronic Art where she explored video and music recording.