Rey Pila Share Double Single “Friend Request/Online Soul”

Rey Pila Share Double Single "Friend Request/Online Soul"

Mexican darkwave / new wave / post punk band Rey Pila have shared their new double single “Friend Request/Online Soul“.

Out today (June 6) via Arts & Crafts Mexico, it follows their also double single  ‘Ani Oni / Fantasma‘, released in April. Grab it here.

“Friend Request / Online Soul” is a new bundle about collective anxieties closely linked to technology and social networks.

“Friend Request” is an indie pop song that features dub-influenced synthesizers, a massive chorus, and an indie rock guitar solo. A catchy ode to media’s immediate pleasure and how it makes us feel like we’re not alone. The festive atmosphere transforms into “Online Soul”, which is darker and more cinematic. The band says it transports them to “Frantic” (a Roman Polanski film) with its characteristic dark synths, electronic rhythm, and guitars influenced by Brian May (Queen).

“Friend Request” reminds vocalist Diego Solórzano of his childhood when he traveled to visit his uncles and cousins who live in the Caribbean. A track that immediately puts us in a good mood, inspired by the music of Mad Professor and Yellowman.

Diego shares:

“I have great concern and interest in the reality manufactured on social networks, the Internet, and artificial intelligence. I think that nowadays there is a fine line that separates real experiences from fantastic ones. The way most people represent themselves on the Internet is far removed from human actions and emotions. We live in a time in which many realities coexist, and many of those realities are far from how we really are.”

Stream both tracks below.

Photo credit: Conrado Del Campo