Rosellas Reveal New Single “Come Alive”

Rosellas Share New Single "Hideaway"

Ahead of the release of their new EP ‘Somewhere Inbetween‘ on May 11 via This Feeling Records, Manchester indie rock/alt band Rosellas are sharing their latest single “Come Alive“.

According to the press, ‘Come Alive’ is a song that draws upon influences from the all-time greats of the north-west indie/alternative scenes while also showing that the area’s current wave of rock ‘n’ roll bands are poised to add an exciting new era to their storied history. 

Speaking about it, Rosellas commented:

“‘Come Alive’ is our quintessential sound. Its huge soaring chorus melody and blinding guitar solo are enriched with a Mani-esque bass groove locking in with tight, heavy hitting drums. Giving a nod to the bands of the ‘90s northwest who have influenced this side of our sound, we treated the vocals with an early Verve-like atmosphere to match the expanse of the lyrical theme which meanders around the realisation of ambition and dreams through a perpetuated narrative with your own self.” 

Stream it below.

In addition to ‘Come Alive’‘Hideaway’ and ‘Switch Off’, the EP is features two other new songs. ‘Bare Your Soul’ is the EP’s slow-burning centrepiece, constantly growing in stature until it erupts into a psych-tinged wall-of-sound. The last track ‘Thunderstorming’ is a more sombre, reflective affair yet arguably the EP’s finest demonstration of Rosellas’ command of fiery dynamic contrasts with a touch of Pink Floyd’s expansive instrumental style.

The band wrote all five songs on the EP, which was produced by Oliver Shillito.  Pre-order it here.

Commenting on the EP, the band added, “Much of our EP draws similar connotations with lyrics often fixating on the desire to wade through the sludge of the daily monotony of working life, and focus your mind on the key elements that drive a band to success; ambition, passion, determination.” 

Somewhere Inbetween EP tracklist:

  1. Hideaway
  2. Switch Of
  3. Bare Your Soul
  4. Come Alive
  5. Thunderstorming
Rosellas Upcoming Live Dates

13th – The Great Escape – This Feeling show at The Hope and Ruin 
18th – London, Signature Brew – John Kennedy’s The Remedy (with The Native) 

18th – This Feeling By The Sea