Royal Arch Drop “Why Don’t You? (Let It All Go)”

Royal Arch Drop "Why Don't You? (Let It All Go)"

Athens, Greece indie rock/shoegaze band Royal Arch have dropped the video for their newest single “Why Don’t You? (Let It All Go)“.

Made up in 2020 by Elias Masri (vocals), Nick Kokkinos (guitar),Orestis Loukas (bass guitar), Elias Kokkinos (drums) and Vassilis Dousis(guitar), the band members met when they were still students In High School. Singer Elias Masri joined them in 2020 and the band began to take its final shape and make music.

Out now, “Why Don’t You? (Let It All Go)” is a powerful / melodic indie rock track with significant vocals, driving drumbeat, addictive basslines and sing along guitar melodies accompanied by lyrics that cite a troubled romance.

It’s a track that can easily be a road trip companion or a tune you want to dance to. This song is about the last moments you share with the person that you are still in love with, just before an inevitable end. The lyrics deal with loss, love, desperation and facing the darkness that might lurk within us. Eventually one can come out stronger and craving for the things that are destined to come. So why don’t you just let it all go?

Get it here and watch the clip below.