Röyksopp Drop “Unity ft. Karen Harding (Anfisa Letyago Remix)” 

Norwegian dance/electronic duo Röyksopp have dropped the Anfisa Letyago Remix of “Unity” featuring Karen Harding.

This “radical club-focussed revision” is out today, Feb 9 via Dog Triumph. Grab it here.

The original track features on their eighth studio album ‘Profound Mysteries III‘, released in November last year.

Take a listen below.

Röyksopp “Unity” Anfisa Letyago Remix
About Röyksopp:

Made up of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland, the duo’s music duality; a little sad and a little happy, dark and humorous, epic and naïve, reflect in their personalities. They are quite different types, but their personalities are also manifested into one organic unity.

Their first four albums went straight to the top of the charts in Norway, and their great popularity in the U.K. has contributed to their position as the front-runners of Scandinavian electronic pop music.

Röyksopp’s music has a lush and imaginative, electroacoustic aura that was unique to them for a long time, but which has had a great global impact on many types of music, from house to pop and psychedelic rock and then back again.

The duo has always been a conceptually-oriented band with moods from vintage film music, ideas from prog rock, melodies from synth pop and a sense of belonging to house and club culture.

Photo credits: Angelina Bergenwall & Rossella Silvestri