RVG Unleash New Single/Video “Nothing Really Changes”

RVG Unleash New Single/Video "Nothing Really Changes"
Photo by Izzie Austin

Aussie indie rock/alternative band RVG have unleashed their new single “Nothing Really Changes” and its accompanying music video.

The song, “a keys-heavy new wave-ish thing”, is taken from their just announced third studio album ‘Brain Worms‘, set to arrive on June 2. Pre-order your copy here.

The album is named Brain Worms for the hyper-recognisable experience of, each day, baring witness to a world of private obsessions being aired out in the infinite. This is the most confident RVG have felt. They’ve moved past their influences, pushed themselves, and tried new things. And they have made a record they can, by all accounts, call their best.

Watch/listen below.

Brain Worms Tracklist:

  1. Common Ground
  2. Midnight Sun
  3. It’s Not Easy
  4. Tambourine
  5. Brain Worms
  6. You’re The Reason
  7. Squid
  8. Giant Snake
  9. Nothing Really Changes
  10. Tropic of Cancer