S.C.A.B. Drop New Single/Video “Why Do I Dream of You”

S.C.A.B. Drop New Single/Video "Why Do I Dream of You"

New York indie rock/jangle pop/post punk band S.C.A.B. have dropped their new single “Why Do I Dream of You”, and its accompanying music video.

The song features on their second studio album ‘S.C.A.B.‘, which will be out on November 11. Pre-order your copy here.

Speaking about it S.C.A.B.‘s frontman Sean Camargo says:

“Why Do I Dream Of You” deals with superficial infatuation. This particular situation led to a revealing dream that I talk about waking up from at the end of the song. After this dream, I was able to process the situation and slowly realize it was probably unhealthy. It was a conclusion I needed to come to myself (versus hearing from other people). “Green beams of steel whose coat decays and chips away at me” (a nod to Frank Sinatra) reflects feeling powerless and struggling to come to terms with the reality of the situation, but holding on to the idealization of us together.”

Watch/listen below.

S.C.A.B. “Why Do I Dream of You”

Originally a working title representing the first letters of the band members’ names (Sean, Cory, Alec, Brandon), S.C.A.B. is an acronym with a shifting meaning – its phonetic double acting as a metaphor for protection and healing for a group that’s always been there for one another.

Following the release of the band’s debut album, 2019’s Beauty & Balance, COVID-19 put the brakes on the Brooklyn-based band’s burgeoning career. Not content with sitting still, the band decided to travel down to Georgia to record their sophomore, self-titled LP (S.C.A.B.), which they engineered and produced themselves.